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The G2R concept

The concept of Ground 2 Roof is based on the idea of offering a wide range of attractivelow-priced furniture and accessories along with delivery and installation services for them.

Our goal is to improve the daily lives of many people, counting on an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

Our products are designed to meet both a simple north-western European inspired design combined with the reflection of the elegance of the artistic trends from south-eastern Europe. Thus, our products illustrate a journey through the whole of Europe and are intending to embody a story for every home that will host them.

The mission of the G2R team

All this would not happen without the G2R Team. Our team is in charge of the whole process, so the whole story gets into your home.

What does the G2R team do? We take care that your home enjoys a quality Oriental-Western design at a low price, the mission of the G2R Team being complete after the products you want are installed in your own home.

Ground 2 Roof is a brand of ELITE BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD. Company number 09621554
Registered office address 105-107 Dorset Road, London, United Kingdom, SW8 1AB
VAT Reg : 241434927